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The Importance of Having Comprehensive Eye Exams

Most people think that an eye exam is the usual vision test. But there is much more to it than you know. A comprehensive eye exam can make a difference to your health in the long run.

What Does A Comprehensive Eye Exam in Calgary Include?  

Firstly, it is good to know what is going to happen when you go for an eye exam.

Your first test will be the traditional “eye chart” vision test where you will be tested to see how good your sight is at various distances. This test will indicate if you might need glasses or contacts to see better.

Next will be a test to see if you have any glaucoma symptoms. To check this, your eye doctor will pump air pressure on your eyes and see your reactions. They can tell if you could be suffering from any potential symptoms. If you do, your Calgary optometrist will plan out your next steps on how to combat it.

After these tests are concluded, the optometrist might go ahead and organise to have your retinas checked. The retina is the essential part of your eye. If there is a suspicion that your retina could be damaged, detached or torn, you can risk going blind. Therefore, if you are suffering from impaired vision, or if the eye doctor thinks you could be facing severe symptoms, your eyes will be scanned.

These tests will give a good indication of the status of your eyes and stop any potential illnesses that might develop.

An Eye Exam Is Also For Your Whole Body

Did you know that eye exams can also help you get an insight into the rest of your body? By observing any changes in your eyes, your optometrist can see if any other illnesses are developing in your body. This can include the likes of diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer or any brain-related issues.

Do not risk your eyes, or the rest of your body, breaking down. Take the time to book yourself an appointment with your optometrist in Calgary to have a comprehensive eye exam! It might save your life and help you see 20/20 for the rest of your life!

Since 2016, Core Eye Care has provided Calgary with reliable and committed eye care services and surgeries. If you need treatment, support, and care, our team will help you whenever you need it. Contact us today on 403-290-1535t to book an appointment, or feel free to walk-in.

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